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Maternity and Newborn Sleep Services

This package gives expectant parents and parents of newborns the tools they need for sleep success for their little one from day one, and avoid the sleep pitfalls that lead to those notorious sleepless nights all your friends are complaining about.  

Infant Sleep Services

This package is specifically designed for babies 12 weeks – 18 months of age.  The infant package is perfect for those parents who are tired of waking up in the middle of the night, struggling with short naps or are just trying to get their little ones to sleep in their crib. 

Toddlers and Big Kids Sleep Services

This package is ideal for the toddler, preschooler, or elementary age child who never quite got the hang of sleeping in their own bed, is still waking up multiple times a night, or other sleep struggles that come with age.  It’s not too late to teach your child independent sleep skills! 

Gift of Sleep Package

There is no better gift to give a new parent than the gift of sleep!  This is a newborn education package that will help prepare new parents for the sleepless nights ahead, and give them the tools to set their baby up for sleep success from the beginning.  It's the gift that keeps on giving!

Ask a Sleep Consultant

Have you already sleep trained your child, but maybe things aren't perfect?  If you don't feel like you need a full package, but still have a few sleep questions, you can book a one-time phone call to get all your questions answered!

Baby Feet

Book a Free Evaluation Call

Not sure where to begin or if our services are right for you?  Start by booking a free evaluation call with one of our consultants.  We'll chat through your specific situation, offer some tips you can implement today, and help you decide if one of our packages is the right fit for you.

Get your FREE Infant Sleep Guides

Including how to dress your baby for sleep, a quick reference sleep guide by age, and how to recognize the stages of fatigue.

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