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Ask A Sleep Consultant

Ask Me Anything


If you have already sleep trained your little one fairly successfully but still have questions, an "Ask Me Anything" call is for you!  Whether you're just wondering how to tweak your baby's schedule, or if your toddler is ready to transition to a big bed, you can pick Keriann's brain with whatever sleep questions you have!  This option is best used for children who already know how to fall asleep independently (without parents present or use of sleep props).

What's Included:

Preliminary Questionnaire

When you book your call, you'll be asked to provide a little information about your child and your current sleep scenario.  This will help us use our time wisely once we have our call.

A One-Time Phone Call

You will schedule a time to chat directly with our founder, Keriann MacElroy.  Keriann has been a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant for 8 years and has worked with hundreds of families to sleep train children of all ages.  This is your chance to pick her brain and ask her any sleep questions you have!

*Follow-up support and written plans are not included with this package, but can be purchased separately within 48 hours of the phone call if desired.

Ask A Sleep Consultant at Dream Factory Sleep Solutions


Ask Me Anything
Phone Calls are only offered with Founder, Keriann MacElroy

Phone Calls are billed in 30 minute increments.  Payment for first 30 minutes is due at the time of booking.  If call exceeds 30 minutes, you will be billed for the additional time.

$95 per half hour
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