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kids laughing sleep consultant FAQ



  • What are the benefits of working with a sleep consultant?
    A well-trained sleep consultant will have the knowledge about sleep science and the coaching skills to guide you through systematic changes to your child's sleep routines to improve both the quantity and quality of sleep. We’re not looking for a quick fix, rather changes that can last a lifetime. If you’ve ever Googled anything about sleep training, you know there is information overload. It can be difficult to know exactly what changes to make for which situation. That’s exactly what a sleep consultant will do. We will assess your individual circumstances and put together a plan to address your child's specific sleep challenges. We will guide you over the course of a few weeks and tell you when and what changes need to be made along the way to ensure you are achieving your sleep goals for your child. Working with a sleep consultant means you have a coach, confidant and cheerleader in your corner when you are making changes that may seem hard at first but get easier with time. We take the guess work out of the sleep training process so you can focus on achieving your sleep goals.
  • I’ve read all the books and tried sleep training on my own without success, will Dream Factory Sleep Solutions be able to help me?
    Yes! Most families who come to Dream Factory have tried to solve their sleep problems on their own in the past. Either the problems didn’t go away, or the progress didn’t last for various reasons. Dream Factory Sleep Consultants are trained in sleep science, which means we know more about sleep than most doctors do. We also know what is normal, and what is not normal when it comes to sleep training. Books about sleep training are written for the masses, and if your child doesn’t do exactly what the books say they should do, then it may leave parents wondering what to do next. Our sleep consultants will tell you exactly what to do (and what not to do) for your specific situation. 99% of the families we work with not only learn to solve those problems when working with us, but also learn how to maintain that good sleep going forward.
  • What is the best age to sleep train?
    There is not a perfect age to sleep train a child. The earlier your child learns healthy sleep habits, the longer all of you reap the rewards of quality sleep. With that in mind, you can start establishing healthy sleep habits from the day your baby comes home from the hospital, which is what we do with our Newborn Sleep Packages. Every age comes with unique challenges when it comes to sleep training, but progress can be made at any age. The best time to start sleep training is when you feel like whatever you are currently doing is no longer sustainable. Then it’s time to make a change. A Dream Factory Consultant will help you determine what changes are most appropriate for your child’s age and stage.
  • Do you use Cry-It-Out sleep training method?
    No! Dream Factory Sleep Consultants are trained in gentle sleep training methods with the goal of reducing crying as much as possible. While CIO can be an effective sleep training method for some families, most families who come to Dream Factory are either not comfortable with leaving their baby to cry for long periods of time or have tried CIO without success. Cry-it-out is not necessary for sleep training. We will guide you through various methods that will allow you to emotionally support your child while making changes to their sleep habits. That doesn’t mean your child won’t cry at all. Change can be hard for all of us, especially for children, so some protest can be expected at first. We’ll minimize that protest as much as we can and ensure that the attachment with your child remains just as secure as ever.
  • When can I expect to see results?
    Sometimes things get a little worse before they get better. The first couple of nights can be challenging, but by night 3 most parents are seeing progress. Within 2 – 3 weeks, most families have seen consistent improvement with both naps and nighttime sleep for children.
  • Who do you work with?
    Our pediatric sleep consultants work with children ages 0 – 11 where no medical cause can be found for sleep disruptions. Whether you are a parent looking to sleep train your infant or wanting to help your elementary age child sleep in their own room again, a Dream Factory Sleep Consultant can help!
  • Where do you provide sleep support services?
    Dream Factory Sleep Consultants work virtually with families all over the United States. We provide in-home pediatric sleep training support for the Dallas-Fort Worth area.
  • Can I sleep train my child if we share a room?
    Yes! We work with families with all sorts of sleeping arrangements. Room sharing can come with some unique challenges, but we can still sleep train your child as long as they have their own sleeping space (bassinet, crib, toddler bed, etc.) We do not work with families who wish to continue bedsharing. Bedsharing with infants is not recommended according to the AAP Safe Sleep Guidelines and will also decrease the quality of sleep for everyone involved.
  • Can I sleep train if my child goes to daycare during nap times?
    Yes! We work with many babies who attend daycare. While consistency in sleep times and location is helpful, it may not be possible in every situation. When appropriate, we will notify your daycare provider of your child’s sleep plan and sleep goals and do what we can to streamline the sleep arrangements as much as possible.
  • What if I hire a Dream Factory Sleep Consultant and the sleep plan doesn’t work?
    At Dream Factory Sleep Solutions, we are committed to helping you achieve your sleep goals and will go above and beyond to help you find sleep success. In most cases, sleep goals can be met within 2 – 3 weeks. However, every now and then it takes a little longer. If you’ve been consistent and committed in following your sleep plan, but we have not observed the level of consistency we would expect in your child's sleep patterns by the time your support is up, we may decide to extend your support at no charge to get you to a more consistent place. While sleep success may look different from one family to the next, we are committed to helping you achieve your child’s personal sleep best!
  • What makes Dream Factory Sleep Solutions different than other sleep consultants?
    Dream Factory Sleep Consultants are professionally trained in behavior modification techniques outside of sleep training. Our backgrounds in social work and speech and language pathology give us unique experience that other sleep consultants don’t offer. We’ve applied our education and professional experience to the Sleep Sense Method™ along with other sleep training methods for the absolute best results!
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