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Pediatric Sleep Consultant Jessica Burke

Jessica Burke

Pediatric Sleep Consultant




Service Areas:

In-Person Consultations throughout the DFW Area

Virtual Consultations Nationwide

My Story

I am Jessica Burke, a Pediatric Sleep Consultant. I completed my training in 2021 and am honored to come alongside families on their children’s sleep journeys. As an Assistant Speech Therapist I have worked with many families to improve quality of life through listening to my clients, instructing the client and caregiver, and implementing a plan of care to reach individual goals.


In 2010, my path veered away from the therapy world as I entered the world of motherhood. Before my daughter was born I read all the books I could find and I was ready. Then my daughter arrived and I quickly realized I was not ready. We managed to muddle our way through things. We made many mistakes and we did many things right. One of the things we did well was to implement sleep strategies from the beginning. Establishing healthy sleep and feeding routines with a newborn was HARD but it paid off quickly. She was sleeping through the night by the time she was 8 weeks old. A year and a half later her brother came along. We again established a sleep routine, and like his sister he also was a good sleeper. My husband and I were pretty confident in our parenting skills so we decided another child would complete our family. We welcomed our second son into the world and discovered each child is different. What worked with the other two did not work with him. We had to reevaluate everything we did. Why was he not sleeping? Do my strategies not work and I was just lucky the first two times? As I contemplated all of these things, I took a hard look at what exactly I was doing and if it was truly the same. It was not. His naps were in the car, carrier or stroller as we ran around town. Bedtimes were all over the place. Things were loud in our house with two toddlers. I had to hit the reset button and go back to the basics. I had to modify the plan to fit our family of five, but when I put into place the essentials it was a night and day difference. 


In addition to caring for my own family, I had the privilege of being an in-home childcare provider for over 3 years. I coached multiple families through daytime sleeping and nap transitions. Over the years, I’ve discovered that a good sleep program works for multiple personalities and circumstances.


Sleep is vital for a healthy life. My family’s sleep journey turned me into a passionate mother who wants to help other families get the sleep they need and deserve! I will listen to your goals and concerns, create an individual plan specifically for your family, and cheer you on as you help your child learn to sleep independently. I look forward to walking alongside you on the path to better sleep. 

Experience & Training

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B.S., Speech Language Pathology, University of Texas at Dallas

B.S., Speech Communication, Texas A&M University

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2018 - 2021

2007 - 2010

Completed Pediatric Sleep Training

In-Home Childcare Provider

Assistant Speech Therapist

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