The Gift of Sleep Package

Give the gift of sleep to your favorite expecting or newborn parent.  Help get the new parents off to a good start by giving the most unique baby gift out there.  The expecting or new parent will get the tools they need to avoid those sleepless nights all their friends are complaining about, and they’ll have YOU to thank!  Services include:


  1. A preliminary evaluation that will include a comprehensive questionnaire about the child's sleep habits (or the parents’ sleep goals if expecting) and routines.

  2. A private 90 minute consultation where we will discuss strategies, troubleshoot possible problems, and learn how to address bedtime, naptime, night-wakings, or any other specific issues the parents might be concerned about.

  3. A detailed, fully customized sleep plan which will vary depending on whether the parents are still expecting their little one or if he/she has already arrived.

  4. Dream Factory Sleep Solutions resource guides to help you navigate any future transitions.


(This package must be redeemed by the time the baby is 8 weeks old). 

The Gift of Sleep Phone Consultation Package - $200


The Gift of Sleep In-Home Consultation Package - Consultation takes place in the comfort of your home and includes a nursery assessment - $300*


*Additional travel fees may apply for distances greater than 25 miles from Carrollton, TX