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Adult Sleep Consultant Erin Page

Erin Page

Adult Sleep Consultant




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Virtual Consultations Nationwide

My Story

I am Erin Page, and I’m an Adult Sleep Consultant.  I completed my training in 2021 and I am excited to be taking on new clients.  I have also been a tri-state licensed, nationally certified Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) since 2015, which is how my journey into this field began.

​I have struggled with anxiety most of my life, and this struggle really kicked into high gear during SLP graduate school.  This is a demanding, high-pressure clinical Master’s degree program, so not surprisingly, this is also when my severe insomnia began.  After finishing graduate school and getting appointed as the University of Wyoming Speech Clinic Coordinator only 3 years into my practice, I found both my anxiety and my insomnia reaching unmanageable levels, and so I decided to find help.  I hired an Adult Sleep Consultant and started implementing her solutions right away.  Within the first two weeks I was sleeping an additional 2 hours a night on average.  This was a huge improvement in my eyes, since during the weeks leading up to my hiring her, I had been sleeping only 2 hours a night on average.  By the end of the 4 weeks working with her, I had consistently increased my nightly average sleep time to 6 hours.  Re-establishing consistently healthy sleep is not a quick fix, and over the next year or so my nightly average increased to 7-8 hours.  My sleep plan included strategies I found quite easy to implement and adhere to right off the bat, and others that were a bit more challenging to stick to.  It has been 4 years since I worked with my sleep consultant and I can fully appreciate how invaluable this process has been.  Getting good sleep is literally life-changing!   

As both an experienced therapist and a recovering insomniac myself, I value highly individualized plans and a logical, empathetic approach.  The plan that I write for you will be tailored to your specific needs and will include manageable action items and goals doled out systematically across the 4 weeks that we work together.  As we all know that so many things in life can at times be easier said than done, I will also provide you with extra support and encouragement along the way as you need it.  As healthy sleep is so crucial to overall quality of life, you will find that I am dedicated to helping you get there!

Experience & Training

B.S., Moderate-Severe Disabilities, University of Kentucky

M.S., Speech Language Pathology, University of Wyoming

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University of Wyoming Logo


2017 - 2021


2014 - Present

Completed Adult Solve-Your-Sleep Training

University of Wyoming Speech Clinic Coordinator & Clinical Supervisor for pediatric and adult clients

Received Certificate of Clinical Competence from ASHA

K – 12 Speech Language Pathologist 

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