Sleep Philosophy

Sleep is not a luxury. It is not a treat. It is not optional. Especially when it comes to infants and children.


Sleep is an absolute necessity, right up there with food in my book. If our children struggle with feeding issues, as parents we will do whatever it takes to make sure they get the nourishment their bodies need to grow and develop.


So why are we so willing to accept the idea that babies don’t sleep well, when sleep is just as crucial to overall health as eating? I think as parents we buy into the popular belief that children aren’t made for sleeping and that sleep is our past-time once we welcome our little bundles of joy. But, I believe that children are in fact made for sleeping and will do it perfectly, if we let them.


With a little opportunity and guidance, most children can easily and quickly learn techniques that allow them to sleep through the night from an early age.  I guide parents as they assist their children in developing those necessary sleep skills.


THE CRYING QUESTION: When people hear “sleep training” they often think of “cry it out” where their babies will be left alone in a dark room to cry for hours without comfort. Please know that I would never ask a parent to ignore their child's cries or to leave their child to cry for extended periods of time.  I guide parents through a gentler method that allows your baby to learn independent sleep skills, while respecting the parents' comfort level. Will your baby protest this process? Yes, they likely will, as would you if we drastically altered your bedtime routine.  The good news is, the protesting is temporary until your child develops his or her independent sleep skills.  We know we are working toward the greater goal of getting your child the quality sleep he or she deserves, so the process will be worth it in the end.


A good night of sleep for your entire family could be just a few nights away!



Sleeping through the night is not a developmental milestone, it is a learned skill.