Adult Sleep Services (12 Years and Up)

Our new Adult Sleep Consulting Services are designed for the teen or adult suffering from ongoing insomnia or sleep difficulties, where no clear medical cause can be found.  If you've been struggling with periods of insomnia, restless sleep, or inconsistent sleep patterns, our adult sleep consultant can help you make lasting lifestyle changes that will put those struggles to bed once and for all.


Services include:


  1. A preliminary evaluation that will include a comprehensive assessment about your current sleep habits, routines and challenges.

  2. A private 60 - 90 minute virtual consultation where we will discuss the possible causes behind your sleep struggles and clear strategies to remedy your specific challenges.

  3. A detailed, fully customized sleep plan based on your specific sleep needs.  You will receive a detailed step-by-step plan in writing following your consultation.

  4. Four weeks of support consisting of daily sleep log monitoring, 2 emails per week, and 1 phone call per week with your consultant.  This support helps you and your consultant troubleshoot and adapt your plan as you go, making your sleep plan even more successful!


Adult Virtual Consultation Package (consultation takes place via phone or video call) - $550